Komi and Manbagi Snow school day

This was painted using the drawing I made for inktober 2019 on day 21. When I first drew this I was imagining fall but it of course wasn’t hard to change it to winter. I actually finished this about a week ago but since Valentines day was getting close I decided to hold on to it. Of course I decided to add the letters to fit in with Valentines day. I did think about adding some chocolate gifts but I think this will do fine this time.

I really like the path the manga decided to take in regards to Komi’s and Manbagi’s relationship. They are both really cute but in very different ways both in looks and personality.

Hope you guys like it:

There are three versions of it, but I still can’t post them here through Pixiv. Here’s some previews from Twitter:

Hasta la proxima,


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