2B getting her t-shirt

I’ve recently have been trying to make some time to rest and relax whenever I can, and I have been finally started playing Nier Automata again. While I was doing 9S’s run, there was that comment of having 2B getting a t-shirt sometime in the future. I really like the idea of doing a painting about it. I first started painting the background. It had so many different parts that it took a couple of days. Once I was satisfied I finally started painting 2B. It did take me a while to come up with a skin tone that I felt would fit, then the shirt… but once I got to the face it was quite easy. The hair I made a lot of changes but wasn’t too hard. The tshirt design was a bit tough to come up with. I was tempted to make a shirt with a number of features but then it wouldn’t be a tshirt anymore. So I tried to just come up with a logo. After looking at her uniform I then played around with her design features and made it into a shirt. Comin up with the mall directory was  a bit of fun. When I was playing with multiply, I liked the way it looked with darker and more vibrant colors so made two versions. I also played with the blur filter for the directory.

This will be the first painting with my emblem and a signature. I saw a painting of mine get reposted recently but they don’t even give credit which sucks.

Hasta la proxima,


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