Jackie Chan vs Dick Wei

line art:


Line art originally drawn for Inktober 2022 day 12. The original drawing wasn’t showing the movement and power of Jackie and Wei’s fight so I made some slight changes. Can you guys tell what they were?

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Marin measurements V2

I wasn’t too happy with the first version of my painting of Marin Kitagawa, it just didn’t pop. I wanted Marin to glow because of the sunlight coming from the window. Aside from that, I also added a couple of more details around the whole painting.

The original painting can be seen here:

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Marin measurements

They really put a lot of details with Marin’s measurements scene. The amount of movement in the animation is amazing. I really wanted to give this scene a try.

When I painted the background and Marin, I felt it was still a bit lacking. When Marin’s body and contours were to my liking, I started playing around with darker shadows and lighter areas to increase the contrast. When I was satisfied, I then added light beams coming from the window behind Marin. I did this with the sergeant brush then changed the layer to hard light.

I’m going to leave the painting as it is now, but I may come back to it at some point later.

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Dragon Ball Bunnies

I went for an 80s anime painting style this time. Doing simple colors can really pop, I need to practice in more simplistic coloring styles. I have a couple of artists that I can learn from. As for this specific drawing, I want to try painting it in my style as well. That will be a future project.

The original drawing was done for Inktober 2021 day 29. I remember that I really wanted to emphasize the more round designs that Toriyama used to use back in the days, a style that much prefer. The painting really helped emphasize the curves which I love.

Still annoyed that Lunch has been forgotten.

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Marin’s Room

The colored version of the line art I did a couple of days ago. I wanted to convey the morning light, so I went for a warmer tone. Looking at the furniture, decorations and items on the anime, some of them were altered and yet others were kept quite faithful to the manga. I’m really impressed by the amount of details in this series. I really do feel the love for it by the animation studio.

For Marin’s outfit, I chose the look she had when Gojou visited her home in chapter 18-19. There’s quite a lot of details on the pillows/cushions and Marin’s shorts, which had me a bit worried. What I did was paint in the base colors and played with the lighting, and then added the details/patterns. Luckily I have enough experience now painting things like this so painting them in didn’t take that long. The posters and specially the Shizuku-tan body pillow were like painting a whole separate character.

Once I had the colors that would dictate the values and hue, Marin was painted last of course. While working though, I did have to modify things accordingly. This is definitely the biggest advantage of painting digitally. I had a slightly less saturated color scheme but I liked the warmer feel that I ended up with.

With this finished, I will reward my self with the two latest episodes of the anime.

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Asuka Kato Ramen

I finally painted my Asuka Kato drawing. This was first drawn for Inktober 2021 day 15. I felt Asuka was too lonely so I added Hina and Uchi. Thinking back, I guess I was imagining Asuka eating in a Ramen Stall or something. But I really liked the Ramen chapter so I decided to have them go back this time in winter. I accidently painted Hina and Uchi in their summer uniforms. Luckily it was a quick fix since they were drawn digitally. Once I had the background and Hina/Uchi painted, I then finished the painting with Asuka.

In this scenario, Yuri actually did get a seat next to Tomoko this time (when I read that chapter, I felt that…). Uchi is of course fixated on Tomoko who is on Asuka’s right (our left). Nemoto being able to read the mood, has noticed us looking at the super cute Asuka eating some ramen. Hopefully this time Asuka doesn’t have any problems again finishing it. One of the reasons I really love Watamote is that even beautiful and I guess idealized people like Asuka are shown to be, well, human. Having to deal with the same problems we all face, be it physical or emotional.

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Airi Sweater

There was this photo recently uploaded by Airi Suzuki wearing a comfy looking brown sweater that I just had to draw/paint.

It was also a bonus that her hairstyle was specially cut for her end of the year °C-ute concert. I was just about finished yesterday painting Airi when my brother walked in and asked when I would make a painting that took longer. I was wondering if he meant that I was rushing through this painting and was leaving it too rough. But it seems he just meant that lately I have only been doing line art which takes only a couple of hours (Airi as well). That’s when I decided to add a background. Using the wall background would not do so I decided to make a winter scenery. I ended up mashing up a couple of reference photos (including some from Airi’s photobooks). It looks like the road crossing the train tracks is heading straight to the sea huh? I guess the idea is that there is a ramp for people to drive towards the beach.

I was a bit apprehensive about the details in the sweater when I was just about to start, but luckily with my current experience I know that it’s just a matter of painting and now stopping. Once that flow starts, it doesn’t take that long to finish. Once I added the background, I did have to tweak the saturation and values on Airi though.

I kinda wanna animate this painitng…

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New Year 2022 1st Drawing/Painting

Happy New Year!

Feliz Año Nuevo!


Somehow I managed to finish it on time. This is the first drawing of the year. I decided to risk it and rest a bit after work yesterday and start the first drawing/painting of the year on the very first day of the year. Usually I start a day before and finish it on the second. I wasn’t too sure what the subject would be until I noticed that people were posting tiger themed photos on instagram. The tiger is my favorite animal so this actually made ideas flow much easier.

I had the idea of riding the tiger but felt that was a bit cruel. Then I had the idea of the tiger kinda hugging me like my dog does (well except he hugs from the front) and this concept was born. I drew it first without reference to come up with the pose and whatnot. I wanted a hopeful and determined theme, with the strength of the tiger behind our backs. Or something like that. As for the background I wanted to emphasize the winter weather and used a photo that I took years ago of a street where the mountains could be seen with a beautiful sunset.

Let’s do our best this year!

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Indifferent Rei

This piece was much easier to paint now that I had the colors thought out with the Asuka painting. Where applicable I just used the eyedrop tool.

If paired with the previous Asuka piece, than I would think that Rei could care less about Asuka’s provocation and would have her mind in an entirely different place.

Posing and setting was inspired by Momoko Tsugunaga’s Rei cosplay done back in Hello Channel.

I just saw the trailer with Rei planting crops, now all that fan art I saw makes sense. I want to paint her in that scenario as well…

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