Misaki Shokuhou Bloomers

This was originally drawn for Inktober 2019 on the 8th day.

I really like pretty much everything about Misaki. Her design, personality and story are great. Plus her relationship with Misaka makes for some great stories. I’m really glad they are finally giving her some screen time in the anime. I really like the way they make her life comedic because of the characters and situations she has to deal with. The way Sogiita Gunha stole the spotlight was hilarious and Misakis’ response made it even better.

Of course Misaki just oozes sexiness so I wanted to do a piece emphasizing that.

The whole painting was progressing smoothly, I was quite surprised. The background was done in just a couple of minutes and Misaki just a couple of hours. But the hair was… I need to practice more with blonde hair, it took way too long.

Hasta la proxima,


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