Seiko Matsuda FireAlpaca test 01

My brother was telling me about whether I had used FireAlpaca. I actually hadn’t heard about it before. He told me to check it out since it was free and his friend used it so he was wondering what I thought about it.

Just as he said, the program is indeed free. The program it self is lightweight and easy to understand. There are a number of functions that are missing compared to Corel (realistic brushes) and Photoshop (it’s photo editing features) but it also has a number of functions are pretty cool. It has functions to upload directly to Pixiv. One of the things that really surprised me was how fast and responsive it reacts. It opens fast and it paints smoothly. I decided to use their watercolor brush and it reacted pretty closely to the oil brush from Corel Painter which I loved. I was planning to just paint a quick test but it eventually led to actually finishing the painting (I just couldn’t stop once it begin to take form).

Conclusion about the program (as of now), there are some features I miss from Corel and Photoshop but it is a solid program that people should get. Especially if what you are looking for is a free art program. Give it a try.

I’ve been wanting to make a painting using the 80s references I have been archiving for quite a while now. So I used this as an excuse to give it a try. As mentioned above, it was just going to be a quick rough draft to try the program but ended up finishing it. Seiko came out really cute, I really like the the washed out colors used and the way her expression came out.

Hasta la proxima,


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