Asuka Kato miniskirt

I finally did a painting of Asuka Kato from Watamote. I really like the way she tries to get closer to Kuroki, even to the point of giving Kuroki’s weirdness a pass. I am a bit weary that she will get corrupted by her but I think there won’t be another Kii-chan incident (I’m sure Kuroki won’t let that happen again). She’s just such a nice genuine person. Plus she’s gorgeous.

The drawing was done for the 17th day of Inktober 2019. It was painted with Corel Painter except for the snow which was done with Photoshop using a combination of the scatter brush options and then using a special effects brush. I quite like how it turned out.

This painting has three versions. The original drawing painted of course. And then two versions of her holding an umbrella, one with snow and one without.

Hasta la proxima,


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