Creator Clash Erik vs Dj Welch

I guess there was no way that Erik would have been able to win since this was his first fight and in front of an audience. Dj Welch is built like a tank and has experiece in martial arts. I believe he said he did mma. Despite his smaller stature he completely dominated. I noticed that Dj Welch got really close to Erik and stuck to him throughout the whole fight. I later found out that this was a strategy to counter act his smaller stature. Erik might have lost, but he showed guts actually getting in the ring, hopefully both will be in Creator Clash 2.

Fight can be seen at this time, 49:46 :

Erik’s after fight video is pretty funny, there are cameos by Ian and Dj Welch:

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Creator Clash Ryan Magee VS Alex Ernst

Super Mega fought back to back. This time it was Ryan’s turn to fight Alex Ernst. This fight might have had the most heart out of all of them. They both fought through their exhaustion and went through a slug fest. This had real manga energy. When Ryan got knocked down but just stood back up again was a really touching moment.

Fight can be seen here at this moment(19:49):

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Creator Clash Dad VS. Matt Watson

On May 14th a lot of my favorite Youtube creators were in a boxing event made by Idubbbz and Anisa. The event was more entertaining than I could’ve imagined. When Ian said he wanted to give boxing the respect it deserves, he wasn’t kidding. Everyone went all out and showed tremendous heart. To the point It motivated me to do some art based on it.

Full event can be seen here:

To start things off, we have the first contenders. Dad (Nathan Barnatt) vs. Matt Watson (of SuperMega). I like Super Mega and Matt Watson but I truly do feel that there was no way crack power would be enough to beat Dad’s almost infinite energy and physicality. For those who have been following him and his content, you know what I’m talking about. Nathan’s physical abilities span a wide array of skills. All of them together give him a ridiculous amount of stamina, strength and pain tolerance. On top of that, when Nathan wants something he has this focus and follow through that’s quite intense. When Dad said he was made to solely destroy Matt Watson, I believed it.

Having said all of that, I still wasn’t expecting the outcome of the fight. He not only started strong, but it was fast. And the quick flurry of combos didn’t give Matt Watson a chance to counter. I think Matt only gave like three or maybe four punches. The fight ended in like 20 seconds. It really made it clear that the fights were real and being taken seriously. If the fighters didn’t take things seriously, then they would get hurt.

Dad and his Quantam Fists were a lot like an anime character using his ultimate attack from the get-go.

What I also love is that Dad has had a couple of opportunities open up because of this. That’s one of the other great side effects of this boxing event. There is so much variety amongst these Youtubers that it will provide new viewers that they might otherwise not have seen before.

You can see Dad’s fight here:

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Domon Winter

It surprisingly didn’t take me too long to paint Shining Gundam and Domon, along with their reflections and snow. Checking mountains in parts of Japan, there are actually quite a lot of types of shapes. Including the pointy ones that are common where I’m currently at. So I just modified them a bit.

Shining Gundam was the main focus and what took the longest for this segment of the painting. The main form and base colors were easy to choose From there I tried to make out the form to showcase the most prominent forms. But since I wanted to emphasize that the Gundam is far away, I made sure to use more muted colors and as little value changes as I thought were needed. Then came the snow. I felt a bit bad about covering some areas with snow and water, but I feel that really ties it all together. As for the reflections I used the same techniques as with the torii, but I made sure to add highlights to create waves moving away from Shining Gundam as it rises up.

There were a couple of ideas about where to place Domon. Walking in the frozen ground, atop a small boat or standing on the torii. But ultimately I came upon the idea to have him leaping towards it. This I feel really fits the fantastical elements of G Gundam after all.

I made two versions, one where it’s all quiet and peaceful and another where snow is falling. Although I do like the snow, I think it looks better where it isn’t present.

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Work in Progress I D Mountains

I’m currently working on a new painting before I try to make one or two for Valentines. I’ve actually been planning to make a painting of this sort for… damn. A couple of years now. I’m surprised it took me this long to finally give it a shot. The background is mostly done. I’m actually quite a bit ahead of this but I quite like the atmosphere of where the painting is at this point. Although I can render the painting further, I wonder if that will detract from the focal subjects. So for now, I will leave it mostly as it is.

This is the reference photo of the background, modified to have snow of course:

I just did an image search to find the original creator and it seems to be from a photo manipulator that put different assets together to create this. I found it strange that the pine trees and mountains looked somewhat Western. Now I know why.

With that in mind, I will go back and edit a couple of the trees so that they fit Japanese ones. Among other changes. I wonder if there is a place in Japan that will actually fit this scenery?

The Toori is actually painted already, along with the reflection. I’m surprised at how easy it was to emulate. You guys will have to wait till next time to be the judges though. Luckily I won’t have to edit that part of the painting.

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La Venganza de Don Ramon

This is the colored version of the line art I made for Don Ramon, a character of “El Chavo del 8”. Kind of looks like a Mexican version of Xehanort. I like the way the digital painting meshed with the ink hatching.

Here is the line art:

Here is the painted version:

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Blood stained gift for her future

This is based on a drawing I did way back in (at least from a quick search) 2016. At the time I was completely new to digital painting or using colors really. I was more into drawing and was really struggling with color. I seriously thought I could bypass that issue by focusing on the values using my pencil and then hoping that Photoshop would deal with the colors on it’s own. Of course, nothing is ever that easy.

You can see my past attempt here:

I can proudly say I have made some progress in the last 4 years.

I used the line art as a quick map of how I wanted to set up the painting, but overall the line art would be left out. Once I had some reference photos of how castles and the sky could look like I began painting. I started with the castle first and that took me a while since I kept working with the way I believed the shadows would look in my scenario. But I made the mistake of not painting the sky so I could figure out what colors I would eventually end up using. With a bit more experience I should be able to figure this out in a couple of minutes but setting up the lighting for the background took me a couple of hours. Once I was satisfied with what I had, I then began working on Lelouch. But since the colors for the background were dealt with, getting his colors was much easier. Dealing with him did have to be finished today though. I want to be fast enough to paint something like this in at least one day, but for now it is taking about two days. For this painting I decided to use the spray paint for the sun’s lighting and in some sections of the clouds and the castle. I seriously should use it more since it made the effect I wanted much easier.

My brother has recently started watching Code Geass for the first time, so when I asked him for a suggestion of course Code Geass would be the option. I figured that would be a good excuse to retry doing this painting.

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Seiko Matsuda FireAlpaca test 01

My brother was telling me about whether I had used FireAlpaca. I actually hadn’t heard about it before. He told me to check it out since it was free and his friend used it so he was wondering what I thought about it.

Just as he said, the program is indeed free. The program it self is lightweight and easy to understand. There are a number of functions that are missing compared to Corel (realistic brushes) and Photoshop (it’s photo editing features) but it also has a number of functions are pretty cool. It has functions to upload directly to Pixiv. One of the things that really surprised me was how fast and responsive it reacts. It opens fast and it paints smoothly. I decided to use their watercolor brush and it reacted pretty closely to the oil brush from Corel Painter which I loved. I was planning to just paint a quick test but it eventually led to actually finishing the painting (I just couldn’t stop once it begin to take form).

Conclusion about the program (as of now), there are some features I miss from Corel and Photoshop but it is a solid program that people should get. Especially if what you are looking for is a free art program. Give it a try.

I’ve been wanting to make a painting using the 80s references I have been archiving for quite a while now. So I used this as an excuse to give it a try. As mentioned above, it was just going to be a quick rough draft to try the program but ended up finishing it. Seiko came out really cute, I really like the the washed out colors used and the way her expression came out.

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Goku’s Winter Visit

I really wanted to draw Goku in his snow outfit from the muscle tower arc. When I was getting reference pictures from the anime I noticed the Suno seemed to have a crush on Goku. Later when I compared the same arc in the manga, the whole subplot was completely absent. In any case I decided to make a piece of Goku and Suno. I wanted to make it seem like it was a scene from the anime. I wasn’t too sure how I would pose Goku and Suno so I first started by painting the background. I really like the way it came out. After that I decided on having Suno looking at Goku as they built a snowman. Lastly I decided to add some snowflakes.

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