Aiming for no. 1

This is a colored version of the first inktober piece of 2019. I was wondering what kind of coloring styles would work with a piece that has quite a bit of hatching. But first I wanted to come up with a background. Since this is a piece of myself I decided to make the background my studio. I wanted to work with a simple background but still keep the idea of what it’s supposed to be. I would say it’s like impressionism. It was quite fun trying to recreate my room and liked the way it came out. Now the next thing is trying to match the painting in the background. I decided to go with a simple  painting style like that of anime. When I was done painting I noticed that the colors were much too vibrant and dark so I went and modified the colors and vibrancy in Photoshop. I quite like the way it came out.

Hasta la proxima,


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