Punched by Life Line Art

I think I drew this on Friday, it was a couple of days ago. I didn’t have a plan in mind really, I just drew and this came out. Then the idea of life punching us at the most random times came to mind. I have an idea of making this into a scene. We’ll see.

Hasta la proxima,


New Year 2022 1st Drawing/Painting

Happy New Year!

Feliz Año Nuevo!


Somehow I managed to finish it on time. This is the first drawing of the year. I decided to risk it and rest a bit after work yesterday and start the first drawing/painting of the year on the very first day of the year. Usually I start a day before and finish it on the second. I wasn’t too sure what the subject would be until I noticed that people were posting tiger themed photos on instagram. The tiger is my favorite animal so this actually made ideas flow much easier.

I had the idea of riding the tiger but felt that was a bit cruel. Then I had the idea of the tiger kinda hugging me like my dog does (well except he hugs from the front) and this concept was born. I drew it first without reference to come up with the pose and whatnot. I wanted a hopeful and determined theme, with the strength of the tiger behind our backs. Or something like that. As for the background I wanted to emphasize the winter weather and used a photo that I took years ago of a street where the mountains could be seen with a beautiful sunset.

Let’s do our best this year!

Hasta la proxima,


First visit to the sea

Currently on vacation. This time I went to Oregon with my brother and friend. This is my first time seeing the ocean. It’s amazing. Since I don’t have too much time to draw I’m trying out this new app that allows me draw with pixels. It’s called pixel studio. The amount of options is amazing. Although it’s kind of weird drawing with my finger since I apply multiple pixels at times.

I wonder if you can tell what I drew without telling you.

Hasta la proxima,

Ultra Instinct Goku

It’s been two years since we witnessed Goku’s ultra instinct (in animate form). I’m surprised it took me this long to actually make a painting. When it comes to Dragon Ball’s many forms, my favorite is Kaio Ken because it makes the usage of it a gamble and gives it stakes every time Goku uses it. Of course this was later replaced and pretty much forgotten when the Super Saiyan form was introduced. Luckily, during the run of Super it was brought back and paired up with Super Saiyan Blue. (۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ )۶ʸᵉᵃʰᵎ

The second form that I really liked was Ultra Instinct. This brought it back more to fighting and not so much who has the most power. It’s a form that requires a state of mind more than anything so that the body can move on experience and instinct during a fight. Plus the mastered form looks really cool.

Reference for the pose and body:


Hasta la proxima,