Robo Pirate behind Goku Aliens parody

One of the fun things of seeing original Dragon Ball are the references to other stories or media that Akira Toriyama likes. And now that my exposure to more media has expanded I can now see more of it whenever I rewatch Dragon Ball. One such character is the Robot Pirate that is a really cool reference to the Xenomorph from Alien. What I really like about the design is the obvious inspiration to Alien while still making an original and cool design. I knew that when I rewatched Dragon Ball about two years ago I wanted to make a parody painting. It took me two years to finally do it, but that’s just the way things work out sometimes. The scene is of course in reference to the iconic scene with Newt, moments before she was abducted by a Xenomorph.

Hasta la proxima,


One thought on “Robo Pirate behind Goku Aliens parody

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