Ai no Dangan Momoko Motorcycle

This painted version of this drawing:

has been waiting for about a month now to be uploaded. Actually looking at the date, it seems I painted this back in September 6… I had something planned to accompany this piece but I could always add that later.

I wanted a late 80s/ early 90s look. I wanted to emphasize the speed so I manipulated the tilt of the median and buildings to give that effect. Looking at it now, adding some wind lines in the foreground will sell that effect even more. I’ll probably add that to the accompaniment I mentioned above.

I just remembered that it took me a good while to find the model of the motorcycle (it was specially hard since I don’t really know much about them). For those interested in knowing the motorcycle used in the Ai no Dangan MV, it was a Honda VFR 1200F.

Hasta la proxima,


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