Fubuki gutst inked

I’ve had this drawing waiting to be inked or colored for quite a while now. I also want to make new artwork too, but it would be a shame to finish past artwork. The original plan for this line art was to paint it but I’ve decided to also ink it and try out different styles and methods. For the inking process I used the pen tool, screen tone and spray paint for the highlights.

I think I want to use these same ink and screen tone but using a color scheme.

Hasta la proxima,


Naoko Kawai Tennis

Line art originally drawn on April 7th of this year.

My drawing of Naoko has finally been painted. I went for an 80s anime style. I didn’t quite liked the way the eyes looked so I decided to edit them. I was thinking of adding a fence in the background but I think I’ll leave it like this for now. Maybe I’ll add it at a later date.

Hasta la proxima,


Happy Birthday Momochi 2022 Line art pencil

The day almost passed but I somehow made it. Happy Birthday Momochi! I really hope you’re doing great. Although I know you followed your dream, I still selfishly wish you were active. I’m so glad you were really active back in the day because luckily you appeared in a lot of media.

It’s no secret that I love drawing Momochi. Drawing her has been a great source of inspiration in my art journey. Here’s to more in the coming years.

The outfit is from her photobook, the references I used were from the Digital Hello Project Photobooks vol. 98. I liked her pose and smile from different photos, so I used them to create this drawing (along with others that showcase more of the outfit). This is still a work in progress. I’m probably going to paint it digitally (now that I can finally do it).

After finishing the last Buono painting, my computer decided to blue screen uncontrollably. I encountered some of that while painting but the computer was unusable after I finished luckily. It took me four clean installs until I finally managed to fix it this morning. Good thing I have all my data in separate drives just for these occasions. Seems like my scratch disk was the one causing the problem (first time I have ever seen that happen). As soon as I replaced it, the problems ceased. Now everything is working correctly.

Hasta la proxima,


Ai no Dangan Momoko Motorcycle

This painted version of this drawing:

has been waiting for about a month now to be uploaded. Actually looking at the date, it seems I painted this back in September 6… I had something planned to accompany this piece but I could always add that later.

I wanted a late 80s/ early 90s look. I wanted to emphasize the speed so I manipulated the tilt of the median and buildings to give that effect. Looking at it now, adding some wind lines in the foreground will sell that effect even more. I’ll probably add that to the accompaniment I mentioned above.

I just remembered that it took me a good while to find the model of the motorcycle (it was specially hard since I don’t really know much about them). For those interested in knowing the motorcycle used in the Ai no Dangan MV, it was a Honda VFR 1200F.

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