Simone de Beauvoir Nier Automata

I finally got around to painting Simone from Nier Automata. It was much easier than I thought it would be, although it did take me about two days and change. Could have finished it yesterday but decided to take a break and start fresh today. All that was left to paint were the accessories corpses which were easy to do with a couple of steps but since the amount of them is 5 and a section of a sixth one, it did eat up a bit of time.

All the painting was done using Corel Painter although I did do a silhouette painting of Simone with Photoshop so that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting out of the lines. This really does increase the speed at which I can just paint and add details without worry of having to erase later. Although that method does also take a bit of time. Using the bucket tool would speed up the silhouette process a good bit but some of my linework has open areas. Though I guess I could make a copy of the linework layer and close them off using a digital brush. I’ll try that out on my next piece.

When I did finish painting, I used PhotohShop to play around with the values and saturation. First I decided to remove the line work from the curtains. Then playing around with the Layer Blending mode I moved the layer containing my line art from multiply to screen and it brightened the whole painting up in a very vibrant way. I really love the way the colors jump out. I should probably experiment more with the other Layer Blending modes.

Will you accept Simone’s invitation to dance?

Hasta la proxima,


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