How to Draw Challenge – Flandre Scarlet

Request by: Marcus Mosley
A definite improvement to the first Flandre drawing I made on my old channel. I wanted to combine many different elements using a cosplayer, figure and many reference pictures. I really loved the eyes done on the cover of “Scarlet Eyes”, it screamed of Banpai Akira (I wonder who the artist was thought).

In my mind I wanted to give her a face of delight but still give a sense of creepiness or strangeness about it. I was imagining that in the background there was destruction, which is why I decided to go with such expressions. Of course the drawing could go either way. By darkening the eyes the theme would become darker and by putting some light she could just be happy about anything really (something considered “normal” maybe). I had an urge to leave her without shading but I felt it would eventually feel incomplete.

link reference (one of them anyway):—38656-flandre_scarlet-remilia_scarlet-touhou.jpg

link cosplayer:

Hope you enjoy it,


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