Marisa Christmas Magic

Managed to finish this painting, although I wonder how the other ones will fare since today will be rather busy. Just in case though, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. Hope you all have a great time. Please be safe during these days.

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Kojiro Hyuga Tiger

So I don’t know exactly how it happened but I seemed to have missed the announcement of a new Captain Tsubasa anime. When Japan released the announcement of them hosting the olympics there was this really cool advert that really embraced their pop culture. Among the many animes that made an appearance was Captain Tsubasa. And let me tell you that animation was gorgeous. It seemed to have a lot of it’s aesthetics based on the manga which I felt had the best anime interpretation of Tsubasa that had been released at that point. I really wished that the prospect of there being a new anime would happen but alas there were no plans at that time.

Here is the video. Looking at it now I do wonder if the first segment was in fact from the original series, it looks really good (the whole video is pretty awesome so I recommend watching the whole thing, but if you only want to see the Tsubasa segment it starts at 0:32 and has another segment at 1:08):

Now jump to about two weeks ago and I just happened to stumble upon Captain Tsubasa 2018. It actually looks quite good (definitely better than the 2002 version which I really did not like their art style and coloring). I personally still prefer the effects and animation from the original but this one is great. Or at least it got that way as the series kept going. The second part is definitely superior. But I do have to say, the opening animation was absolutely amazing. It looks even more like manga artwork was being animated.

Not the best version of the opening but here it is (you’ll see the segments that I mention as the opening reaches the end):

I really love Captain Tsubasa, although I really don’t care much for Tsubasa and his team. Truthfully every other important character from the other schools around Japan are much more interesting and appealing to me. As this post and artwork will lead you to believe, of course Hyuga is my favorite character out of all of them, though I do have some more that I really like. But Hyuga is definitely my number one.

Here is the artpiece:

It was done first with dip pens and then colored using Photoshop.

References used:

Here is the process:

Do any of you guys like Captain Tsubasa? If so who is you’re favorite character?

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XERO DRAWING – Godzilla x Gypsy Danger PART II

Time spent: 11 hours 48 minutes (total: 17 h 08 m)
Materials used: Sakura 0.7 mechanical pencil, Faber Castell Perfection 7056 pencil eraser, eraser,
Sakura Pigma Micron set Black 03,
Sakura gellyroll White,
Uniball Signo White
Reeves Water Colours 18 set: Ivory Black, Phthalo Blue
Copic Markers: 100, C1, C3, C5, C7, W1, W3, W5, W7, Y11, Y15, Y17, Y26, YR04, YR68, B0000, B01, B05, B21, B24, B32, B34, B45, B97, BG10, BG13, BG72, BG75, BV00, E04, R00, RV14, R27, V01, G21, G24, YG03, 0

I’ve finally gotten done with this drawing! It took quite a long time. It took a total of about 17 hours and 8 minutes. The longest so far (I think). In any case, I’ll probably make a couple of slight modifications like adding more details to it before I add it to deviant art.

I made the drawing with them at the start of the conflict but ready to go with their strongest attack. I also wanted to try out a couple of new techniques, so I decided to make the scene dark, something I rarely do. Over all I am satisfied with how it turned out, but I also feel that if I were to do this again it would look at least a bit better and cleaner since I have a better understanding of the process I have to take to make certain effects like on the water, or making light.

As for who I like more? Obviously Godzilla. I seriously enjoyed the Pacific Rim movie specially because it was done by a paisano but, Godzilla has a lot of sentimental value to it. And I enjoyed the Heisei movies more (even though they were a bit cheesy at times). This goes for who would win in a fight as well by the way.


XERO DRAWING – Godzilla x Gypsy Danger Part I

Time spent: 5 hours 20 minutes

Materials used: Sakura 0.7 mechanical pencil, Faber Castell Perfection 7056 pencil eraser, eraser,

I am actually about half way done painting the drawing, but I had two drawings to do this week so I had no choice but to break it into two parts. For this drawing I wanted to do something a bit different, so I decided to draw Godzilla vs Gypsy Danger. Surprisingly it wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be, but it did take quite a bit of time to draw. And since painting it has a lot of details plus I am also trying out new techniques along the way.

Over all, it looks quite bland without any color or even shading so it looks mediocre. But that will all be fixed on the next segment.

Hope you look forward to it.


How to Draw Challenge – Flandre Scarlet

Request by: Marcus Mosley
A definite improvement to the first Flandre drawing I made on my old channel. I wanted to combine many different elements using a cosplayer, figure and many reference pictures. I really loved the eyes done on the cover of “Scarlet Eyes”, it screamed of Banpai Akira (I wonder who the artist was thought).

In my mind I wanted to give her a face of delight but still give a sense of creepiness or strangeness about it. I was imagining that in the background there was destruction, which is why I decided to go with such expressions. Of course the drawing could go either way. By darkening the eyes the theme would become darker and by putting some light she could just be happy about anything really (something considered “normal” maybe). I had an urge to leave her without shading but I felt it would eventually feel incomplete.

link reference (one of them anyway):—38656-flandre_scarlet-remilia_scarlet-touhou.jpg

link cosplayer:

Hope you enjoy it,


How to Draw Challenge: The Twelfth – Marisa Kirisame (COLOR)

Today is a very special day. I have finally managed to find a good amount of music that will not give me any problems with youtube (unless they make some dumb mistakes, which they have done to pretty much all users). So I will go back to the origins of my old account and make the videos shorter without any instructions on the video. But like always, if you guys have any questions what so ever, let me know.

On this video we will be drawing one of my favourite characters from Touhou … Marisa Kirisame. I’ve been really wanting to draw her so I made sure to do so this time. I found this really cool reference of her and decided to go with that. I seriously like the colors and the style of the drawing overall so taking a go at it was really fun. I have to say this has got to be one of my best drawing so far. I am seriously surprised at the quality of the color I managed to create (especially since I haven’t really taken the time to practice my coloring). I seriously greatful to the creator of the orginal piece, right now Bampai Akira is probably my favourite artist. The way he draws and the colors he uses and doesn’t use is definitely that of a master. Anyway you can see the original piece here:

And the reference I used for the pose was found here:

Like in my previous videos I took the original and a cosplayer to change the drawing and make it my own. But unlike with my Kairi drawing, I did not change the character into a real life version (since I like the original one so much). Let me know what you think.

Hope you enjoy it,