How to Draw Challenge: The Twelfth – Marisa Kirisame (COLOR)

Today is a very special day. I have finally managed to find a good amount of music that will not give me any problems with youtube (unless they make some dumb mistakes, which they have done to pretty much all users). So I will go back to the origins of my old account and make the videos shorter without any instructions on the video. But like always, if you guys have any questions what so ever, let me know.

On this video we will be drawing one of my favourite characters from Touhou … Marisa Kirisame. I’ve been really wanting to draw her so I made sure to do so this time. I found this really cool reference of her and decided to go with that. I seriously like the colors and the style of the drawing overall so taking a go at it was really fun. I have to say this has got to be one of my best drawing so far. I am seriously surprised at the quality of the color I managed to create (especially since I haven’t really taken the time to practice my coloring). I seriously greatful to the creator of the orginal piece, right now Bampai Akira is probably my favourite artist. The way he draws and the colors he uses and doesn’t use is definitely that of a master. Anyway you can see the original piece here:

And the reference I used for the pose was found here:

Like in my previous videos I took the original and a cosplayer to change the drawing and make it my own. But unlike with my Kairi drawing, I did not change the character into a real life version (since I like the original one so much). Let me know what you think.

Hope you enjoy it,


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