Inktober 2022 19 Karin Maaka

Day 19. We’re getting closer to Halloween, so why not start drawing a couple things that fit the theme. After looking at a photo of Momochi feeding the viewer karaage I felt that I had to use such a cute moment as a reference. Then I remembered Chibi Vampire (Karin). So I put both ideas together. As I was looking for references for Karin, I started reading the manga again. It still holds up. I’m probably going to re-read it before I go to sleep in the coming days.

As for Momochi’s photo, it is a cutesy scene that is also paying homage to the Berryz Koubou song “Shining Power”.


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Inktober 2018 #26 Maaka Karin

Did any of you guys read Chibi Vampire? We got it here in the States around what 2008?… Anyway it took the Vampire genre and played around with it quite a bit. I remember hardcore vampire knights weren’t too happy because of that but I enjoyed it a lot. ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ

The idea of a reverse vampire who “feeds” off of misfortune is quite tragic and hilarious. Man that would suck if Karin met Touma from To Aru… (*/∇\*)

I really like Yuna Kagesaki’s art style and dark humor, it is quite appealing. I suggest if you guys have a chance you give it a chance. As for the anime I didn’t see it. I didn’t like the simplified style that anime had during the 2000’s. I may give it a chance at some point but I don’t know much about it (well there’s that and there wasn’t a good quality version of it online at the time or in the library).


Reference pictures used from the manga:


Here is the process:













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How to Draw Challenge – Yuki and Zero To Kiss Once Again

request by: XxHayateNoGotokuFanX
I finally got the request to draw Zero and Yuki together, the problem, I have never had to draw a kissing scene before. So this definitely was tough to execute. There are many things one has to pay attention to. The first is the of course the lips interlocking. There were a couple of references in the manga but not enough to make things easier on me. And I wanted to make it a bit different to give it my “touch”. Another obstacle was the positions of the head, so that the noses do not bump into each other they tend to go against each other sideways. But I decided to try something a bit different and have them face each other directly. The reason was because of the eyes. I wanted them to look at each other. Kind of like the moment just before they part from each other. Kissing then opening their eyes till they finally let go. I feel it is this kind of feeling I managed to draw.

I didn’t really have much of a plan when drawing, which I believe shows in the video. I was really lost as to how to position everything. In the end I had to just draw it out, if it worked leave it, if not then keep modifying it till it works. The hardest part was definitely the eyes. For onething their expressions were hard to imagine. It would definitely look good with eyes closed but what about when they are open? This was where I used up most of my time (specially on Yuki’s eye). The expressions were really tough, but eventually I managed to pull through. But I don’t feel it is good enough, I’ll have to think about them a bit till I manage to get them right at some point…

(SPOILER, kind of)
I decided to go with their looks from the latest chapters which is why Yuki’s hair is so short. Since it was kind of new I found it a bit hard to draw. Zero’s on the other hand was fairly simple. What I’ve noticed is that he looks a little too young, maybe I made his head too small? Finding reference pictures of him in his vest was a little painful since there aren’t that many. Luckily I found a lot starting from chapter 82.

It seems it is that time again, I have to take a break for at least a week then I will continue again. It seems like my drawings are suffering greatly from their full potential so I really have no choice. I apologize to those who are still awaiting their request.
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How to Draw Challenge – Flandre Scarlet

Request by: Marcus Mosley
A definite improvement to the first Flandre drawing I made on my old channel. I wanted to combine many different elements using a cosplayer, figure and many reference pictures. I really loved the eyes done on the cover of “Scarlet Eyes”, it screamed of Banpai Akira (I wonder who the artist was thought).

In my mind I wanted to give her a face of delight but still give a sense of creepiness or strangeness about it. I was imagining that in the background there was destruction, which is why I decided to go with such expressions. Of course the drawing could go either way. By darkening the eyes the theme would become darker and by putting some light she could just be happy about anything really (something considered “normal” maybe). I had an urge to leave her without shading but I felt it would eventually feel incomplete.

link reference (one of them anyway):—38656-flandre_scarlet-remilia_scarlet-touhou.jpg

link cosplayer:

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How to Draw Challenge – Zero Kiryu (COLORED)

request by: inrisusingenuity
Sorry for the long time it took to write a description. Now Overall the coloring does not look bad but I can’t help but feel that there is still a lot more potential that can be applied to make this drawing even better, but I wan to get to the point that I can do it efficiently without taking the amount of time I believe it would take me to achieve the desired quality. I can’t help but feel rather disappointed at my current skills.

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How to Draw Challenge – Zero Kiryu

request by: inrisusingenuity

Sorry I had to skip another day to post a video this week, but I was so tired I wasn’t able to do it in time. Which is why I thought it would just be best to post it today. I have noticed that most of my videos have now started to get broken in two. I truly believed that it would just be temporary but seeing as I am now able to put more details into my drawings I think I will just keep doing it this way (specially since requests have dwindled). This will benefit you the viewer in a number of ways, two of them being that I won’t make the videos too fast, so that you may see the movements and learn and that you will have plenty of time to practice each part for about half a week before the next installment goes on air.

Now for this drawing as you can see (if you go through the whole video you should be able to notice it), I was not able to fully anticipate what my whole plan was. I kept changing things here and there throughout, so if you are following every movement I suggest that you please see it once first so that you can know ahead of time what lines and figures will not be needed. Also at some point during the video you can notice when I ran out of memory and my camera stopped filming, when I finally notice I had to erase my progress and redraw it so that you may see it. Let me know if you can find that scene.

I will continue to explain more in the next video.

Hope you enjoy it,



How to Draw Challenge – Moka Akashiya (COLOR)

Request by: Kevin

We have another request, and this time it is from Kevin. He requested I draw Moka from Rosario Vampire, although I have not read nor seen it I have actually seen pictures of the series on place or another. I wonder if it is any good? It looks like its an ecchi series and I tend to deviate from them these days. anyway…

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How to Draw Challenge – Yuki (pureblood) -+- Zero (Double Feature)

For the first video of the month we have a special double feature. These drawings were on my last channel, I truly think they came out great. And I hope you guys do as well.

I know that Vampire Knight is a shoujou manga, but I do not shy away from trying them out (especially if the artwork is captivating like this series). Even so, there are some that are a bit too girly and “strange” for me (to those who read shoujou manga, you know what I mean). But Vampire Knight is probably my favorite shoujou manga right now, the story, characters and most of all the artwork are amazing. The first time I enven noticed Vampire Knight was when I saw a picture of Yuki in a magazine, I was captivated right away. I later found out that she was from a manga series, as soon as I started reading I was hooked. It should be very apparent that my favorite pair is Yuki and Zero.

I plan to make a new drawing with both of these characters again so I hope you look forward to it.

Hope you enjoy it,