How to Draw Challenge – Zero Kiryu

request by: inrisusingenuity

Sorry I had to skip another day to post a video this week, but I was so tired I wasn’t able to do it in time. Which is why I thought it would just be best to post it today. I have noticed that most of my videos have now started to get broken in two. I truly believed that it would just be temporary but seeing as I am now able to put more details into my drawings I think I will just keep doing it this way (specially since requests have dwindled). This will benefit you the viewer in a number of ways, two of them being that I won’t make the videos too fast, so that you may see the movements and learn and that you will have plenty of time to practice each part for about half a week before the next installment goes on air.

Now for this drawing as you can see (if you go through the whole video you should be able to notice it), I was not able to fully anticipate what my whole plan was. I kept changing things here and there throughout, so if you are following every movement I suggest that you please see it once first so that you can know ahead of time what lines and figures will not be needed. Also at some point during the video you can notice when I ran out of memory and my camera stopped filming, when I finally notice I had to erase my progress and redraw it so that you may see it. Let me know if you can find that scene.

I will continue to explain more in the next video.

Hope you enjoy it,



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