How to Draw Challenge – Yuki and Zero To Kiss Once Again

request by: XxHayateNoGotokuFanX
I finally got the request to draw Zero and Yuki together, the problem, I have never had to draw a kissing scene before. So this definitely was tough to execute. There are many things one has to pay attention to. The first is the of course the lips interlocking. There were a couple of references in the manga but not enough to make things easier on me. And I wanted to make it a bit different to give it my “touch”. Another obstacle was the positions of the head, so that the noses do not bump into each other they tend to go against each other sideways. But I decided to try something a bit different and have them face each other directly. The reason was because of the eyes. I wanted them to look at each other. Kind of like the moment just before they part from each other. Kissing then opening their eyes till they finally let go. I feel it is this kind of feeling I managed to draw.

I didn’t really have much of a plan when drawing, which I believe shows in the video. I was really lost as to how to position everything. In the end I had to just draw it out, if it worked leave it, if not then keep modifying it till it works. The hardest part was definitely the eyes. For onething their expressions were hard to imagine. It would definitely look good with eyes closed but what about when they are open? This was where I used up most of my time (specially on Yuki’s eye). The expressions were really tough, but eventually I managed to pull through. But I don’t feel it is good enough, I’ll have to think about them a bit till I manage to get them right at some point…

(SPOILER, kind of)
I decided to go with their looks from the latest chapters which is why Yuki’s hair is so short. Since it was kind of new I found it a bit hard to draw. Zero’s on the other hand was fairly simple. What I’ve noticed is that he looks a little too young, maybe I made his head too small? Finding reference pictures of him in his vest was a little painful since there aren’t that many. Luckily I found a lot starting from chapter 82.

It seems it is that time again, I have to take a break for at least a week then I will continue again. It seems like my drawings are suffering greatly from their full potential so I really have no choice. I apologize to those who are still awaiting their request.
Hope you enjoy it,



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