Ame and Obscurus Halloween Party

Originally meant for a contest that was supposed to close today, but apparently the creator meant that that they would not be accepting any more entries on the 28 of October. Oh well. I pushed my self to finish it but I guess it was not enough.

In any case since it will be Halloween I decided to post it anyways. I’m still taking a bit of a break so I wont be posting any more videos till the end of the this week. Hope you guys look forward to that.

The drawing it self looked a whole lot better without color. I feel that when it comes to drawing backgrounds, color pencils have a major drawback. I am in serious need of some Copic’s. When I draw characters in color pencil, I can manage since I can add as much detail as I want, but when the area is too large (which most background are), it takes far too much effort and time to make it look “incredible”. I’ll have to find a solution to this…

Hope you enjoy it,



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