How to Draw EXTENDED EDITION – Marisa Kirisame PART I – II – III

request by: DJKrisyKrisdude
So here it is, the first video to posses narration. And the honor goes to Marisa Kirisame. But because this is a new account I can’t upload 30 minute videos yet, so I have no choice but to split the videos for now.

Man was it annoying uploading it. First I had to make the final touches then I found out I can’t upload the whole video. And so I had to restart varios times. And what’s worse is that since the second part is over 15 minutes I have to split that as well…

In any case welcome to my new channel and I hope you guys like it. My first channel will be for advanced artist, while this channel will be dedicated for those who still need a little bit of help. As always, if you have any questions let me know. I would write more, but youtube already erased my description once, and I don’t feel like doing it again.

Anyway you can see the original piece here:

And the reference I used for the pose was found here:

Hope you enjoy it,




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