How to Draw Challenge – Belldandy

Request by: xSTiLLo
This brings back memories, this was one of the first anime’s I have seen (well one of the first after I knew what anime was, anyway). I do not really remember much about it other than it was about a guy who likes motorcycles and who one day stumbles upon Belldandy a goddess who somehow was stranded on earth. From there the story progresses with the introduction of Belldandy’s “sisters”? Sorry it has been a long time since I last saw it (I was a kid really…), I’m amazed I could remember this much.

Anyway I did some research and have come to realize that my memory was off, as it turn out he calls her through a telephone service and makes her stay with him forever, thus giving the cause to why Belldandy is with Keiichi in the first place (yes it is all coming back to me now… or is it?)

For this drawing I used an action figure for the pose and took it from there. I decided to put a bit more effort into this one since I noticed I was lacking on the others. And overall I am glad I did. The more I see the final piece the more I like it.

Hope you enjoy it,


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