Gina Nina BoomBox

This is a study using an old ad from Sanyo. The ink drawing was first drawn for inktober 2020 day 04. For this piece I wanted to try out a super simple painting with no shadows or lighting, but as I kept working on it, I decided to just go ahead and try adding more details just to compare and contrast. To add a bit more of color to the simple painting style, I decided to use color burn for the line art which worked really well with the static and colors used on Gina since it reacted in very interesting ways. I wanted to go for a more pop art look so I went with more saturated and vibrant colors which really makes it pop.

When I first saw the reference ad used I thought it was Phoebe Cates, but as I was working I noticed that there was a name on the ad in the left bottom corner that spelled out Gina Nana. When I searched that up, no much came up about it except 2 or 3 other ads with the same model. When I searched up her name using Katakana more photos and ads came up. So yes, this model is actually a different person by the name of Gina Nana. It seems she was a model for Sanyo for a while during their cassette electronic campaign. The reference I used was from 1985.

Reference used:

Hasta la proxima,


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