Airi Suzuki Nap

This is a study of Airi Suzuki. I want to do more artwork of her to celebrate her 20th anniversary. For this drawing I want to practice different coloring styles. For the line art, I went for thin lines which I liked how it looked when doing Inktober this year. The inking in the hair is too dark, it doesn’t give the image of it being a lighter brown. Perhaps I should just make lighter hatching. Perhaps at a later date.

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Miyabi Natsuyaki Aquarium

It seems like Miyabi is vacationing in Okinawa. There are a lot of beautiful photos of her trip but this one of her in the aquarium really called out to me. There’s just something magical with this whole composition. The beautiful Miyabi with the clear water in the background is just… I know I’m essentially just copying the photo (I did take off the face mask though so I could show Miyabi’s face), but I really wanted to study it. I’ve mainly worked with warm colors but have had problems with the cool spectrum. This painting really taught me a lot. Painting Miyabi’s face was actually the only section that had me struggling since the first iterations just didn’t look like her.

Reference image can be seen here at Miyabi’s instagram:

This whole painting was made using Anato Finnstark’s brushes. They are quite versatile. They will come in handy along with Toko Suzuki’s brushes whenever I use Photoshop to paint.

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Lady Naoko Kawai Study

I’ve been itching to do another Naoko painting lately. While looking through my references I came upon what looks to be a poster that says “[Seikodo] Lady Naoko” (another poster did not have Seikodo on it) and some more text below tI’ve been itching to do another Naoko painting lately (I still am). While looking through my references I came upon what looks to be a poster that says “[Seikodo] Lady Naoko” (another poster did not have Seikodo on it) and some more text below that which I can’t quite read but I believe a part of it has Naoko’s full name. On the top right of the poster is some kanji that I translated as “girls bloom”. On the side is some small text that’s also hard to read (I think it has this text: “夕女は。悪いて大人になる” although the kanji is quite hard to make out since it’s so blurry)If anyone knows what this poster is for, do let me know. Just searching for Lady Naoko yields no results.

Reference used:

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Airi Suzuki New Brushes

After not making digital art for about two weeks I decided to paint once again but came to a rather sad surprise, my XP Pen is having some issues working with my art programs such as Corel, Krita and Clip Studio. The pen cursor gets trapped into a small central rectangle of the screen. Putting my pen on any part of the actual physical screen has the cursor stay in this invisible barrier on the center of the display (hopefully this makes sense). For whatever reason this problem isn’t happening in Photoshop though. I figured this was a perfect time to buy some brushes from an artist that I like, Toko Suzuki:

I quite like the texture that Toko’s pieces have so I decided to buy the brush pack listed on the bio. So far I have only used the “Sampled brush 4 15”, but I quite like that rough texture and translucence that happens when using pressure variation. I’ll be practicing a bit more with them and then seeing some of the video tutorials to get a better sense of them.

Reference used is from Airi Suzuki’s instagram:

and coloring inspiration was from the artist DannyLaiLai:

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Sunny Side Egg

Main video:

Extended version:

This was painted a while ago. While I was looking through my references, I noticed that there was a photo of a sunny side egg within Karin Miyamoto’s first Photo book. Since I rarely just do drawings or paintings of objects, I figured that this would be a good subject. While I was working on it, I noticed that it would be a good idea to also paint the process of the cooking stages of the egg. Out of necessity for the video that I made for this painting, I also painted the pan with no egg, and a layer that contained an egg that was in the process of being cracked and un-cracked. Though that is only on the video.

Not all parts of the process will be showed here due to the limitations of posting the link. If interested see the video or check them out on Pixiv.

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Gina Nina BoomBox

This is a study using an old ad from Sanyo. The ink drawing was first drawn for inktober 2020 day 04. For this piece I wanted to try out a super simple painting with no shadows or lighting, but as I kept working on it, I decided to just go ahead and try adding more details just to compare and contrast. To add a bit more of color to the simple painting style, I decided to use color burn for the line art which worked really well with the static and colors used on Gina since it reacted in very interesting ways. I wanted to go for a more pop art look so I went with more saturated and vibrant colors which really makes it pop.

When I first saw the reference ad used I thought it was Phoebe Cates, but as I was working I noticed that there was a name on the ad in the left bottom corner that spelled out Gina Nana. When I searched that up, no much came up about it except 2 or 3 other ads with the same model. When I searched up her name using Katakana more photos and ads came up. So yes, this model is actually a different person by the name of Gina Nana. It seems she was a model for Sanyo for a while during their cassette electronic campaign. The reference I used was from 1985.

Reference used:

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First attempt at using Stabilo Pens – subject: Michishige Sayumi

I recently bought some new pens when I went to a somewhat local art store. When I was browsing around I came upon some pens that I haven’t seen before named Stabilo pens. After looking at them I noticed that they were almost exactly what I was looking for. In the past Copics used to have multiliners that came in different colors which I would have loved to use as outlines for my artwork, but they got discontinued a good bit ago. Ever since I was trying to find a replacement I could try and use instead but I wasn’t too happy with the limited selection Prismacolor had so I haven’t really used them since I bought them a couple of years ago. But these Stabilo pens seem to have a rather robust color selection  and they also offered different nib sizes (though for now I’m really only interested in the multiliner type). And when I saw their price being really cheap I thought what the heck, so I bought 10 (all of them either skin tones or grays). So since this was going to be my first try using them I decided to give the honor to Michishige Sayumi as the subject. Here’s what it looks like finished (done with my new Stabilo pens and Copics). Process below for those who are interested.

Sayumi Michishige 1st attempt Stabilo pens resize


It’s been a while since I’ve done a piece traditionally so I was a bit worried, but it went rather smoothly and the whole portrait took me only a couple of hours.

On the right are my new pens, these are the colors I have so far.

IMG_20180905_151147 resize

And as usual I start outlining using my 2H pencil.

IMG_20180905_151757 resize

IMG_20180905_152444 resize

IMG_20180905_153153 resize

IMG_20180905_154916 resize

IMG_20180905_155053 resize

IMG_20180905_160853 resize

IMG_20180905_162644 resize

IMG_20180905_162647 resize

IMG_20180905_165725 resize

IMG_20180905_170841 resize

IMG_20180905_172125 resize

IMG_20180905_172739 resize

IMG_20180905_173337 resize

IMG_20180905_173849 resize

IMG_20180905_173934 resize

IMG_20180905_174506 resize

IMG_20180905_174555 resize

IMG_20180905_175512 resize

IMG_20180905_175621 resize

IMG_20180905_180144 resize

IMG_20180905_180459 resize

IMG_20180905_181252 resize

IMG_20180905_181449 resize

IMG_20180905_181726 resize

IMG_20180905_182253 resize

IMG_20180905_182411 resize

IMG_20180905_182547 resize

IMG_20180905_182718 resize

IMG_20180905_182925 resize

IMG_20180905_183134 resize

IMG_20180905_183938 resize

IMG_20180905_184255 resize

IMG_20180905_184616 resize

IMG_20180905_184747 resize

IMG_20180905_185103 resize

IMG_20180905_185410 resize

IMG_20180905_191938 resize

IMG_20180905_191945 resize

IMG_20180905_192440 resize

IMG_20180905_204230 resize

IMG_20180905_205007 resize

IMG_20180905_210104 resize

IMG_20180905_211648 resize

IMG_20180905_212626 resize

IMG_20180905_212903 resize

IMG_20180905_213850 resize

IMG_20180905_214032 resize

And that leads me to the finished piece (already shown at the beginning):

Sayumi Michishige 1st attempt Stabilo pens resize

My thoughts on the Stabilo pens? So far I really love them. They leave beautiful marks and are resistant to my Copics too. Not only that but the color selection makes them quite useful for different applications. I’m definitely planning on upgrading my collection. The only downside is that they don’t seem to be refillable, but they’re not expensive so it’s not a big deal. Can’t wait to see what I can create with them.


In any case, as I was writing this I had recently gotten off my other job and was happy to find a new video with members of Platinum Era Morning Musume, and that led me to another video that happened to give me a rather happy coincidence.

-By the way I use a dual monitor set up, left is my XP-Pen (that doubles as a monitor when not used for art) and my normal monitor on the right.

Anyway as I was watching this video I noticed that Sayu was looking right at them as they performed, I noticed this and found it funny and a coincidence as a certain number was happening. (I know I’m the only one finding pleasure and happiness in this but whatever).

Happy coincidence Sayu

Those who get it, get it.

Anyway, that’s this update.

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Nicker poster color 2nd attempt done in 1/15/18

School is just about done… it was quite a tough end of the month in April and the beginning of May, but I managed to power through. Now I should be a bit more free.


Quite a while ago I decided to buy a 24 color set of Nicker Poster Color paints. I read about how Ghibli uses them because they dry quickly, and I can confirm that. On top of that I can make the colors translucent or opaque depending on what the ratio of paint to water is. I haven’t had much time to practice much with them because of school and the construction work, but I did try some whenever I could. This one was done before I started school this semester, but wanted to talk about it a bit before posting it. I just didn’t think it would take about 5 months…

I would say that for a self taught artist, the best way to learn is to try and recreate other peoples work and try to understand their process and color choices. With that in mind, it shouldn’t be too surprising that I decided to recreate a background done by Kazuo Oga, the background artist for Studio Ghibli.

I decided to choose this image for my study                                                                              (it’s from “Only Yesterday”/”おもひでぽろぽろ”):


I thought that I had documented the process, but thinking back I guess I was just focusing on painting.

As can be seen I didn’t really keep the proportions in place so I just focused on recreating the colors.

Ghibli Background Study 1st Attempt cropped resize

There’s an obvious difference in skill and color. But I was amazed at the versatility of the Nicker paints. I wonder just how far I can push them.

That will be all for now.

Hasta la proxima,