Miyabi Natsuyaki Aquarium

It seems like Miyabi is vacationing in Okinawa. There are a lot of beautiful photos of her trip but this one of her in the aquarium really called out to me. There’s just something magical with this whole composition. The beautiful Miyabi with the clear water in the background is just… I know I’m essentially just copying the photo (I did take off the face mask though so I could show Miyabi’s face), but I really wanted to study it. I’ve mainly worked with warm colors but have had problems with the cool spectrum. This painting really taught me a lot. Painting Miyabi’s face was actually the only section that had me struggling since the first iterations just didn’t look like her.

Reference image can be seen here at Miyabi’s instagram:

This whole painting was made using Anato Finnstark’s brushes. They are quite versatile. They will come in handy along with Toko Suzuki’s brushes whenever I use Photoshop to paint.

Hasta la proxima,



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