Airi Suzuki New Brushes

After not making digital art for about two weeks I decided to paint once again but came to a rather sad surprise, my XP Pen is having some issues working with my art programs such as Corel, Krita and Clip Studio. The pen cursor gets trapped into a small central rectangle of the screen. Putting my pen on any part of the actual physical screen has the cursor stay in this invisible barrier on the center of the display (hopefully this makes sense). For whatever reason this problem isn’t happening in Photoshop though. I figured this was a perfect time to buy some brushes from an artist that I like, Toko Suzuki:

I quite like the texture that Toko’s pieces have so I decided to buy the brush pack listed on the bio. So far I have only used the “Sampled brush 4 15”, but I quite like that rough texture and translucence that happens when using pressure variation. I’ll be practicing a bit more with them and then seeing some of the video tutorials to get a better sense of them.

Reference used is from Airi Suzuki’s instagram:

and coloring inspiration was from the artist DannyLaiLai:

Hasta la proxima,


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