Drifting Battle Nier vs 2B

I’ve been playing with this idea for quite a while now when I played both Nier games and learned about the drift mechanic. It has also been a while since I have done a traditional piece so finally decided to give it a try. I first drew the boars since that would be the hardest (since I haven’t drawn one before. Once I saw a couple of videos of the boars from each game though it went smoothly.  One major mistake was the size of Nier and 2B in terms of the boars (the boars are much bigger). but I decided to go ahead anyway. I knew for sure I wanted to draw Emil, Kaine, 9S and A2 but decided to add Grimoire Weiss and the Pods when I noticed the spaces on the sides. Grimoire Weiss had a lot of details and took quite a bit of effort.

When I had the line art finished, I contemplated what I would do regarding the inking process. I eventually decided on inking, and hatching certain parts and then adding screentone for the shading process. I have Clip Studio but haven’t really used it so I was a bit weary of it, but after playing around with it I got the hang of it. I absolutely love the screentone options. When I was satisfied with the screentones I was finally able to place draw in the sound effects. It wouldn’t be Initial D without it.

Hasta la proxima,


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