Storm Tomoko Tamura

Running a bit late again, but somehow managed to finish. This is the colored version of the ink drawing that I did for day 17 of Inktober 2020.

You can see it here:

While I was painting, I took that opportunity to also fix some issues regarding the sizes of hands, arms and head sizes (among other things). This time I didn’t use a reference for the colors aside from just looking at what the Kuroki residence looks like and modified the colors based on the color theme that I decided to go for. Looking at the cover art for chapter 183, it seems like the typhoon completely soaked Tomoko and Yuri. With that in mind, I decided to make Yuri have wet clothes as well. Rainy season will be starting soon or it has begun in some places, so I think this piece will fit that well.

Hasta la proxima,


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