Racer Sayumi Honda CR-X

Right now I’m in a Hello Project art mood, I can’t help but want to draw the members whenever I want to try out a new style. But I figured I should try to draw some new subjects, so I was looking through my reference folders and decided on drawing a Honda CR-X which I quite like. Once I had the line art done I decided to try out a new shading style which consists of just laying it down with parallel lines. I quite liked the aesthetic of this style. But once I was done I wasn’t too sure what else I should do with it.
Then I started thinking about maybe implementing someone in front of the car. Then it hit me, I could use that Sayu picture I drew where she has short hair. Once I cleaned up the background I resized Sayu so that she would fit the size of the CR-X and well… I really love the way it came out. I guess things were just meant to be. Somehow that short hair and hat make her fit that racer look.

Hasta la proxima,


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