Suzuki Airi Tirantes 80s Anime D

I had attempted to draw this and paint this for New Years but I didn’t really like the way it came out. So I attempted it again, but since I had already painted the original lineart I had no choice but to go at it digitally. I would say that the painting process isn’t taking that much time, but getting references does. I decided to use the coloring style from the movie Macross: Do you remember love. Aside from coloring it I also wanted to edit some other parts of the drawing it self. The first part was the mouth and lips. I decided to take out the linework of the upper and lower lip. I would form it wit color instead. Of course this and all the other changes were dictated by the references I got from the movie. For the mouth, I also resized it and made it smaller while also repositioning it. The Eyes were moved down a bit and I erased most of the eyelash strands. Eyelashes were also thined and shortened a bit. To my surprise, when I was screen capturing the final reference shots I came across a scene that is almost the same background like the Airi Suzuki picture that I’m using. I quite like the addition of the shadow. I feel like I could’ve added something on the left side of the painting. But this works. One thing I do know is that it looks quite good using a diluted ink linework so that the color influences it when applied.


Hasta la proxima,


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