Airi Suzuki 80s anime style 02 inked

I drew another ink drawing. I was looking through Sergey Orlov aka punksy‘s artwork and wanted to do another 80s style drawing. I want to paint it with a simple color scheme. But that will be later. I used both the g pen and the maru pen. I really love the thin lines I get from maru pens. The only reason I hadn’t used them for so long was because the ink didn’t flow out of the pen. But after thinning out the ink with water that solved the problem and man am I glad for that. One thing I wanted to try out was this set of Chinese watercolors, but to my surprise it didn’t contain black. After mixing blue, green and yellow I got an okay looking grey but instead I decided to water down the black ink. I quite like the way it worked out and will experiment with it more next time.

Hasta la proxima,


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