Darkcloud XERO Drawing – Rei Ayanami

As you can see, this week I do not have a video for this week. And that will most likely be the case from now on. More on that on Friday.

Rei Ayanami, the person that got me interested in Neon Genesis Evangelion (well her and the song “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”) . Strangely enough, even though I wasn’t let down when I finally saw the series, Asuka stole my attention as soon as she appeared. I feel that in the remakes of Evangelion Rei seems to have more of a future (much like Asuka). I am really looking forward to see what happens in the last movie.

As for the drawing it self. Over all I was really pleased in how it came out. But while drawing this I made a lot of mistakes which led me to make a couple of changes that led me to create the blue shadow. I have always wanted to play around with these kinds of backgrounds but over all I think it brought down the quality of the drawing it self. I’ll have to work on that a bit more from now on. On the plus side, while adding the watermark it gave it a really cool effect.

Print Available
Print Available

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