Darkcloud Xero Drawing – Asuka Shikinami Langley

This is the first drawing video of 2014, and to commemorate the new season of videos, I have created a new title and image. Drawing videos will now be called “Darkcloud XERO Drawing”. One of the new features for these videos is the availability to buy a print of the featured drawing (can be purchased in darkcloudxero.com ).

Back when I was first getting into anime (I was probably 11-12), I saw a preview of this really amazing series that contained one of the most incredible songs (“A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” which really fit) I have ever heard. I used to rewind the cassette just to rehear the song over and over again. I eventually learned that the public library had the series but it was in dvd, something I did not have at the time. It took me a couple of years to accumulate the money to buy a PS2 so that I could finally watch them.

Though much of the content was for a mature audience, I got really hooked and watched it till the end. I felt conflicted. I loved it yet I hated it? It had a lot of things that I enjoyed watching and exploring, but it also contained themes and characters (Shinji and Gendo) that I really disliked. I feel that this combination is what made it so memorable though. Something that surprised me was the amount of symbolism I was able to pick up despite my age. Most people will either love or hate it, but I will say this, watch it at least once.

While watching the trailer (before actually watching the series) I was captivated by Rei Ayanami. After watching the series though, that focus shifted to Asuka, who was both the strongest and the weakest character in the series. Despite her problematic past and trauma, she made sure to push forward hoping to forge a new path for her future (only to be demolished by Shinji in the “End of Evangelion”). Another reason that made me really dislike Evangelion.

After a couple of years I heard word of the new Evangelion movies, strangely enough I didn’t see them till just last year (all three of them). I really liked the changes they made to Asuka as a character (though I still dislike the fact that she has affection for Shinji again). And yes I know that I lot of people dislike the changes they made (to Asuka and the series), but I think this is for the best since it gives it a totally different spin on the original, which I greatly enjoyed. In this series, Asuka seems to have more of a future, the chance to totally change her and the remaining humans lives. Still, I’m sure that Gendo is acting the way he does for a reason. The problem is that we will not know completely till the final film.

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