RE-Initializing Weekly Videos

I got really busy getting all the preparations for the Online Store and for my debut as a pro artist, so I had to sacrifice a lot of things. Among them was the production of my drawing videos. Luckily though, now that I have taken care of most of my plans and obligations, I can finally begin recording again. I plan to make two definite posts every week (unless there is an inconvenience or a situation that does not allow me), Monday will feature a new video (I have already made a short timeline of the people/characters/themes I am going to cover). On Friday I will put a status on the Artist Project I started last Friday. Sometimes I will talk about other things, but it will be mainly focusing on the Artist Project.

So for the first drawing (of this new segment and of the year I believe), I will be drawing Asuka Shikinami Langley from the new Evangelion movies.

Hope you look forward to it


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