“How does one become an artist?” Project

     I have decided to become a professional artist. But really, how does that happen. Does one have to go to school for that? Or do they have to be titled one by other “professionals”? Neither of those things are something I can rely upon. I am self taught and take pride in that. As for the “Professionals”, I don’t really agree with them on what “they” consider “great art”.  So I have come to this conclusion, I will try and find another way to do that. One that a lot of people are already doing worldwide, self promotion using the internet as the main tool. The journey will be longer, and in many cases it will cause a lot of hardships that will make me question my decision/s from this point forward. Having that in mind, I will not shy away from that and continue onward. Hoping that my struggles are not in vain. While doing that, I will be documenting the process every Friday from here on out. Pointing out what strategies work and which don’t, so that other artists out there have something to help them in their own journey.

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