How to Draw Challenge – Bayonetta

request by: jojo97Revenge
And so my week of rest (sort of) is over. Yesterday I opened a new account to take care of videos that contain narration and that are also much longer (around 30 minutes long). The reason I created it was because I was asked by various viewers over the months. Eventually I had to make it come true. Although the workload has increased, I’ll try to keep making two videos a week for this account like before. And only one for the other account (well one whole video, divided in a couple of parts). This account is for more advanced artists who already have their techniques and style, but may need a bit of help achieving a certain character or drawing. The new channel will be for those who may need a bit of more help. The videos will have somewhat, step by step instructions and a much slower and “clearer” display of my techniques and process. I would greatly appreciate it if you stop by. And also give me the next objective (the choices will come from the videos I have posted here). Here is the link, the channel is named XEROEXTENDED:

The next objective for this week is Bayonetta, a character from the game of the same title. I haven’t played the game yet, but all the descriptions always compare it to the Devil May Cry series. I saw a couple of trailers and I gotta admit, I was impressed. It seriously looks really fun.

I made sure to take my time in this drawing, seeing as most of my drawings are done quickly and are not showing all of my potential. So I will do my best to show that from now on.

Hope you enjoy it,


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