How to Draw Challenge – SPECIAL – A present to Tanaka Reina

This is not a request, nor is it for some contest. Instead it is actually something personal. As some of you may know, I am a Morning Musume fan. I’d say I’m pretty hardcore, although I learned about the group rather late. This was the time when the “Platinum Era” was taking place. I absolutely loved the song Mikan, which was my gate way song to becoming a Morning Musume fan.

Reina Tanaka has really caught my attention since then, and after getting to know her a little better thanks to interviews the the old shows of Hello! Morning and Haromoni she began to take a special place in my heart. As of now she and Michishige Sayumi are the only members of my favorite era, which makes me rather sad. But at least they still remain.

This video is to not only wish her a happy birthday but to also say thanks for all these years of happiness that she has given me and the rest of the world. This present may not be much but it is the best thing I can give her. I made sure to pour all my feelings in this one piece and hope they can reach her. Reina if you ever get the chance to see this, I really do hope I can convey some happiness upon you.

I really don’t know how to make sure she sees this, so if any of you have any ideas please let me know/help me out.

I actually started working on this piece on my birthday a couple of days ago, as a present to my self (I seriously loved drawing her). The only phrase that came out in my mind when drawing was “Un regalo para mi Reina”. Those who know Spanish will understand.

Hope you enjoy it,


2 thoughts on “How to Draw Challenge – SPECIAL – A present to Tanaka Reina

  1. I know how you feel! I discovered Morning Musume back in the Summer of 2007 & through the same old subbed programs fell for Ogawa Makoto & the rest of the Gokkies. It was odd being a fan of a young women no longer with the group, but I follow & support Momusu & Dorimusu to this day. I passed on your video to Morning Musume’s Management Twitter account so I know they at least will see it & I suspect she will as well soon 8)

    1. It seems that a lot of people seem to fall into our situation. In a way it is kind of funny how things in life work.

      Thank you so much for passing my message on to her, I seriously can’t thank you enough.

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