Inktober 2022 27 Kanon Fukuda

Day 27. Today’s drawing is of the Angerme collaboration with Sally the Witch. I haven’t seen the anime but I have seen the opening when I listened to a 90s anime opening playlist on Youtube. I started checking out Angerme’s music this year and was surprised to find out they sung the opening. It’s such a cute video. I could have drawn any member but decided to draw Kanon Fukuda. Her ending scene was super adorable.

I made two versions, one in my style and the other emulating the Sally anime.


Hasta la proxima,


Kiki and Jiji 90s

I learned about the using the filter abilities that Photoshop offers, one of the options is grain, which really gives off old analog TV vibes. I’ve done something like this before when I painted my Saki Shimizu drawing.

Which can be seen here:

For this painting wanted to do something more flat, but in the end I felt it would look better with some shading. I feel that if I did want to use super flat colors, I need to make a simpler design for the line art. I think I will make that my goal for tomorrows piece.

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Inktober 2020 28 Float Morda

Today’s prompt is float. Since we are nearing Halloween and the prompt is float, I decided to draw a witch. After a little bit of thought I decided to draw Morda from Berserk. I wonder is she will be joining the party once they leave the island? It would be strange is she didn’t. This time I decided to just go ahead and come up with a pose from my mind. When I was done, I noticed that it was similar to what was drawn in chapter 361. I guess that image stayed in mind.

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Inktober 2020 23 Kiki and Jiji

I’m a little fatigued and wanted to do just a quick and fast drawing today. Decided to go with a drawing of Kiki and Jiji based on this reference photo:

Don’t know where to find her account, but it seems like the cosplayer goes by the name Rain.

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Inktober 2020 12 Hermione Granger

Didn’t really feel like going with the prompt today. Just looking through my references I decided to draw Hermione, which I don’t think I’ve done before. I went with the way she looked in the first movie since she had that cute fluffy frizzy hair (they really gave up on that look as the series of movies continued). Plus a witch does fit with October. I should probably make more fall and Halloween inspired drawings since we are about half way through the month already.

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Inktober 2018 #30 Schierke

Hey it’s almost Halloween so how about drawing a witch girl from Berserk. Schierke was a great addition to Guts team. She is definitely at the very least the second strongest member. I really like her design and personality.

Almost at the end of Inktober… it was much easier than I thought surprisingly. oh!((゚o゚#


References used:

Schierke references

And here is the process:
















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How to Draw Challenge – Bayonetta

request by: jojo97Revenge
And so my week of rest (sort of) is over. Yesterday I opened a new account to take care of videos that contain narration and that are also much longer (around 30 minutes long). The reason I created it was because I was asked by various viewers over the months. Eventually I had to make it come true. Although the workload has increased, I’ll try to keep making two videos a week for this account like before. And only one for the other account (well one whole video, divided in a couple of parts). This account is for more advanced artists who already have their techniques and style, but may need a bit of help achieving a certain character or drawing. The new channel will be for those who may need a bit of more help. The videos will have somewhat, step by step instructions and a much slower and “clearer” display of my techniques and process. I would greatly appreciate it if you stop by. And also give me the next objective (the choices will come from the videos I have posted here). Here is the link, the channel is named XEROEXTENDED:

The next objective for this week is Bayonetta, a character from the game of the same title. I haven’t played the game yet, but all the descriptions always compare it to the Devil May Cry series. I saw a couple of trailers and I gotta admit, I was impressed. It seriously looks really fun.

I made sure to take my time in this drawing, seeing as most of my drawings are done quickly and are not showing all of my potential. So I will do my best to show that from now on.

Hope you enjoy it,