How to Draw Challenge – Misaka Mikoto

Biribiri… I wonder if any of my viewers are To Aru Majutsu no Index (or Kagaku no Railgun) fans. I remember watching this last year and immensely enjoyed it. and to no surprise I became a big fan of Misaka Mikoto. What can I say I have become captivated by the charms of the tsundere girls. What I like about her is that although she acts really mature and at times rather tough she is in fact innocent and incredibly cute. And of course let’s not forget that she has the power to destroy her enemies with a railgun just by using a coin, how cool is that? I seriously can’t wait until they finally make a third season.

So this is the first part of the drawing (just like my last drawing of Amu Hinamori), I’ll have the coloring video up next time.

Hope you enjoy it,


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