Creator Clash Arin vs Harley

Guts. That’s what Arin has. When they needed someone to fight he stood up despite going against a tank. Like seriously, even in the fight, Arin was showing no fear. Harley knew that the level was definitely unequal but wasn’t disrespectful about it No matter how many connecting punches Harley threw out, Arin didn’t back down and kept pushing towards Harley. I wonder if he as also trained like DJ Welch to stick close due to the size difference. I think when Harley learned that Arin wouldn’t go down easily, that’s when he went for a combination to try and end it. Despite the punishment and losing, Arin seemed like he wouldv’e tried to go towards the end. Respect.

The fight can be seen at this time 2:44:28 :

Hasta la proxima,


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