Yuki Matsushita Feeling Yamaha

Here is another ink painting using Corel Painter 2023. I do wonder though, can I get similar effects just using the blending sargeant brush? I guess mixing brushes are now part of my style because I wish I could blend instead of having to glaze over and over. Its not supper time consuming, but it would be quicker to blend. Either way, monochromatic paintings are quite soothing.

I really love the ad for the Yamaha SHS-10 or the Sholky (which appears to mean shoulder keyboard) with Yuki Matsushita jamming. The actual CM is even more fun and has some fun poses that I want to draw. I’m no musically inclined so I wonder how a shoulder keyboard stacks up as an instrument?

This is the ad used as reference (seems like there was also another variation):

and this has the CM I was talking about:

On another note, I had long had two things that I needed to do. Buy a new chair and modify my desk. My old chair I bought because it was a drafting chair which was high enough to match my desk but it was super stiff and limited the amount of comfort over the day. It was torture after a while. The desk had a rather tight entrance where I could barely come in with my chair. I put up with it since I didn’t have any arm rests, but when I finally bought my new chair, the arm rests were needed to connect the backrest to the seat. After about two weeks of use I became very aware of the lack of movement I could do, specially with the arm rests. On top of that, the right arm rest was getting scratched up (it has that fake leather), so before it became worse I had to finally address the desk.

The plan was to have the side walls point outward, and that was it. So after my other job on Sunday, I just decided to go straight into it and hack the side walls off which also house to input fans, the i/o and bluray player. Luckily it seems I had the forethought to make it easy to remove when I built the desk. Surprisingly it took me about have a day to modify the desk and get it built up (for the most part). But when I reconnected everything and turned on my computer, the screens were black…

It was already pretty late so I called it a day and would figure it out the next day. So it took me half the day to finally figure it out, the monitor switching program had forgotten all of my settings and was having problems with all five screens connected. I noticed this all before I switched my gpu to the motherboard from the stand mount. That was annoying. The next part was my drives, half of them were no longer visible. Doing most of the basic troubleshooting didn’t work. That’s when I decided to check if it was seated correctly on the motherboard. It wasn’t. The last problem left was the audio. First there was no audio and when I finally got that working, the sound was too low. As of now, I have yet to fix this. I tried resetting the drivers, updating, but nothing worked. Who would have thought that modifying the enclosure of a computer would create so many software issues. Despite everything, for only two days of work it was all worth it. I’m using a super old receiver I got from thrift store which I was planning to upgrade anyway. So I will fix the audio later. There’s some small details left, but the desk is essentially done. Though I have to figure out what do do about my lightbox which will no longer work with these new dimensions.

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Akemi Homura glance – Corruption

I wasn’t really sure how I would merge these two paintings. I know I wanted them to be back to back, so I flipped them accordingly. The colors were also not where I wanted them, so I adjusted them to their current form. When I put them on the same canvas there was a gap between them which had me stumped. At first I filled it in with some solid colors that made a clear separation between them. But that was just too simple and boring. Then I finally figured out that I could just merge them and have them interact with each other. I first had the backgrounds blend with each other. As I kept working I finally came to the realization that I could have both versions of Akemi back to back with their clothes appearing on each other’s side of the canvas. Then the idea of having hair strands move from the shy Akemi to the hardened Akemi came to my mind. Luckily the idea worked out. There was still something I felt was missing though. That’s why I decided to add the soul gem between the two Akemis. Behind the soul gem I wanted light to be emanating from it, but when I darkened the left side it looked a lot like feathers so I changed the original concept to be a wing motif. I think this version of both of them together looks much better.

Hasta la proxima,


Akemi Homura glance Timid

The first line art of Akemi Homura has now been painted. I wasn’t too sure about what to do with the background since I want to differentiate them from the timid Homura before becoming a magical girl and the new bitter version after having to live her nightmare over and over. I edited the line art a bit before painting.

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Creator Clash Arin vs Harley

Guts. That’s what Arin has. When they needed someone to fight he stood up despite going against a tank. Like seriously, even in the fight, Arin was showing no fear. Harley knew that the level was definitely unequal but wasn’t disrespectful about it No matter how many connecting punches Harley threw out, Arin didn’t back down and kept pushing towards Harley. I wonder if he as also trained like DJ Welch to stick close due to the size difference. I think when Harley learned that Arin wouldn’t go down easily, that’s when he went for a combination to try and end it. Despite the punishment and losing, Arin seemed like he wouldv’e tried to go towards the end. Respect.

The fight can be seen at this time 2:44:28 :

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Creator Clash Yodeling Haley VS. Justa Minx

This fight was really surprising. I had just learned about Justa Minx when the fighters were announced (I saw a couple of videos leading to the fight)and I had only seen clips of Haley dancing when they mentioned her prior to the fight (I don’t watch tiktoks currently). But, wow was this fight amazing. I think Haley had the better form and technique but Minx’s toughness and stronger punches ended up getting the win.

Somehow Justa Minx made such an epic moment also comical. The mouthpiece she was using made her look like she was smiling as she was getting punched. Going goblin mode is crazy.

You can see their fight at this time 1:29:23:

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Miyabi Natsuyaki Birthday 2021

Happy birthday Miyabi!

Time has been a bit short lately, but I somehow managed to paint a piece in time (at least in my location) for Miyabi’s birthday. This time I’m trying out a new oil brush in photoshop from the dry oil brushes by Martina Palazzese. I quite like the texture it gives, especially to the line art. Hopefully I’ll have a bit more time to play around with it on my next painting.

I quite liked the outfit Miyabi showed on her instagram and the one Peace wore on another picture. So I decided to combine them.



Because of the lack of time today, I went with a flatter coloring style which I want to practice more and get better at. One artist whom I really look up to in this regard is Takato Yamamoto. You can see his work here:


It seems his style is called “Heisei estheticism”, sound freakin awesome.

Hasta la proxima,


Momochi Hiding

Today I decided to paint using the Corel Painter real watercolors again. This time I decided to use different brush presets and they definitely act differently. But I guess that is to be expected. Looking at the end result, they give off that watercolor and Copic look. I used the inktober day 26 line art of Momochi’s last photobook. I wanted to emulate the coloring style of classic manga.

I really want to draw more of Momochi. Luckily the Country Girls dvd magazine has plenty of references of her interacting with the snow. And I really want to paint her in the red outfit from her last photobook. But before that, I want to make a New Year’s piece, I already have an idea so it’s just a matter of doing it.

Hope you guys had a great weekend.

Hasta la proxima,


Inktober 2020 26 Momoko Hide

Today’s prompt is hide. After a little bit of thought I decided to use the scans of Momoko’s last photobook as reference to draw today’s drawing. What I did differently today was just learn from the clothes and the tree used, I wanted to make my own pose. I was imagining a scene where Momoko was playing hide and seek and decided to give up her position in a cute way.

Hasta la proxima,