Creator Clash iDubbbzTV VS. Doctor Mike

The final and main fight. iDubbbzTV VS. Doctor Mike. This fight was intense, There was heart, power, drama, skill, it had everything.

But before all of that we had the US national anthem sung by Airsoft Fatty. He did not disappoint. His presence was a nice little surprise, I hope he is a recurring aspect of the event.

At the beginning it was somewhat equal, but as time went on you could see the experience and physicality of Doctor Mike taking the edge. As he kept catching headshots, Ian’s technique began to suffer. It got to the point that Ian was forced to work it more as a slugfest whenever he recovered some energy. Despite Mike’s accuracy, he seemed to leave his body wide open throughout the fight. If Ian managed to add more power to his punches then the fight might have gone a bit differently. As long as both could hold out till the last rounds, they would have gone even harder and shown their strategy play out. This was an impressive fight, as it stands it seems like both are open to fighting again if Creator Clash 2 does happen. Ian so far seems to be pointing to yes.

The fight can be seen at this time 3:23:23 :

Hasta la proxima,


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