Monkey in Cranes Shadow

The original line art was done for Inktober 2021 day 14.

With the idea of paying homage to the final scene where Jackie Chan defeats the Eagle clans master, I chose to make the background have that Chinese mountains look. For the Naoko painting I did last time I went for a flat painting style. This time I went for for my current painting style. I started with Tao Pai Pai and then painted Goku. Tao Pai Pai was actually quite simple, Goku’s hair though I had to think about. How could I keep his iconic hair style but also make it not so flat. That’s why I started playing around with crazy hair strands going every which way. I quite like what I ended up with. For the line art, I had an idea that I had in mind for a while. Usually I was selecting the white areas around the line art sot that I could isolate them from the background. But selecting the line art only and making a separate layer and filling it with the paint bucket tool. From there the line art is now isolated and I can modify it any way that I want. This has made the process much simpler. On top of that I started changing the color of the line art so that it’s not just black which I think gives the painting more versatility.

Hasta la proxima,


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