Inktober 2021 Day 25

This one took a while, and it’s still not done. I remembered that in Pokemon there were three legendry’s that possesed the power of wind and thunder and a third one. I had done a bit of research at the time and learned that they were based on three Japanese Kami. Over the years I wanted to make a piece with Misaka and Kongo Mitsuko as Raijin and Fujin. After thinking a bit about Inari and learning that it’s the god of foxes, fertility and a bunch of other things plus it’s the leader of the three Kami I felt that Misaki Shokuhou would best fit this role. For various reasons. This drawing took a while since I couldn’t find readily available information about these three Kami and high resolution images of them. Then, the ones that were available came in so many variations that in the end I just decided to take some artistic liberty for some of the details.

Hasta la proxima,


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