XP Pen Reconstructed Masterpiece Napoleon Bonaparte

This is my second entry for the “XP Pen Reconstructed Masterpiece” contest. While looking for famous masterpieces I had seen the Napoleon painting before I had decided to paint the Van Gogh painting I made prior. I know I wanted to do something with this recreation, but I didn’t have an idea until this past weekend. I started with the motorcycle first which took the longest since I was mashing different motorcycles together until I arrived at this design. Next came Napoleon which went faster than I thought. I debated whether to have his face uncovered or at least his eyes, but decided to go with a closed helmet in the end. When I finally finished the background I was about to call it done but felt it needed something more when I was looking at the soldiers in the background. After some thought I decided to add a jet which fit perfectly in the blank space and to top it off, also merged well with Napoleon’s hand gesture.

Hasta la proxima,


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