The Child Cassette

I finally got a chance to start watching the Mandalorian. And it’s just as good as everyone was saying. Of course Baby Yoda was just as adorable as people were saying as well. Actually, he is even more adorable than I could have imagined. Now I understand why so many people love him so much. While looking through some of my reference photos I came upon an ad for the Panasonic RQ-JA160 Cassette player that featured Yoda.
This is the one:

I thought it would be a good parody. I’m not too far into the lore of the Mandalorian but surely they are still in the past if we use our timeline as the base mark right? So this is future technology that is being featured. I decided to use the white model since I prefer that color for my electronics. And I think this Cassette player really looks good in white. Perhaps when I get a chance I will revisit this painting and add some font to play around with the parody aspect more.

Hasta la proxima,


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