Lin Lin China dress

I’m amazed at just how much effort Yusuke Murata puts into both the characters created by ONE and the ones coming out (so far) in Murata’s version. One of the characters that really captured my eye is Ring Ring. It’s a shame she only came out for a couple of chapters. I was hoping that she would come out a bit more but the chances of that happening are slim. Maybe she will come back with Suiryu after training to become heroes. One can hope. Another shame is that we didn’t get to see her techniques, she got defeated too quickly… While drawing her I noticed that her design is simple and yet very iconic and cute. The addition of the bells and her hairstyle is a really good touch.

Looking at the One punch man wiki, it seems that Lin Lin was supposed to be Suiryus sister, so I guess there were more plans for her…

Hasta la proxima,


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