Momoko Tsugunaga Goth Lolita Anime X Toon

This will be the second piece I will be uploading from the paintings I have done over the last couple of months but still haven’t uploaded yet. I really wanted to practice simple color schemes so this one was one of those attempts.

It’s a shame we don’t hear about Momochi ever since she became a teacher but I’m glad she is following her goals and doing well. I wish her all the best. I’m just really glad there is a lot of media out there of her, it would really suck if there wasn’t.

This painting was done using a reference from some scans I found online of Momo Play. I wanted to try out the Anime X Cartoon style again so I went with that. It was drawn first with my pen then I painted it with Photoshop.

Originally drawn on 8/7/19 and painted on 8/8/19.

Hasta la proxima,


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