Sayu Anime-Cartoon backpack

This was drawn originally on July 17 2019 and painted on July 19 2019. I wanted to try out TES‘s style again. I first drew it out with a copic W7, I exaggerated certain features and simplified the colors. I found that using copic as the line art is quite amazing for not just digital painting but also with mediums like watercolors. It’s just a shame they stopped making their color multiliners (should have bought some when I had the chance). I tried using them with my g pen but the dry off on the tip rather quickly. I guess I’ll have to use their pen refill system and create my own.

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Momoko Tsugunaga Goth Lolita Anime X Toon

This will be the second piece I will be uploading from the paintings I have done over the last couple of months but still haven’t uploaded yet. I really wanted to practice simple color schemes so this one was one of those attempts.

It’s a shame we don’t hear about Momochi ever since she became a teacher but I’m glad she is following her goals and doing well. I wish her all the best. I’m just really glad there is a lot of media out there of her, it would really suck if there wasn’t.

This painting was done using a reference from some scans I found online of Momo Play. I wanted to try out the Anime X Cartoon style again so I went with that. It was drawn first with my pen then I painted it with Photoshop.

Originally drawn on 8/7/19 and painted on 8/8/19.

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Inktober 2019 31 The Mummy Sayu and Momochi

Finally the last day of Inktober. I somehow managed to make it through. Yesterday I showed “The Mummy” movie from 99 to my brother who hadn’t seen it yet. I then came up with the idea of the mummy being afraid of Sayumi and Momoko doing cat gestures and saving me before being consumed. I want to redraw it when I have more time.

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Trying out an ANIME X CARTOON style: Sayumi Michishige

While looking through Pixiv and some Mexican memes on “Fresh Anime Memes from a Mexican Otaco” I came across two artist that made art that was rather cartoony and “round” and yet also very anime like. I really like it so I wanted to give it a try.

This was done in 8/10/18:

I believe I did this with my dip pen and a pen named Bimoji Fedepen, the hard tip one (there are various types that also go to a brush type that is pretty cool).

Sayumi Michishige anime-cartoon style linework Cropped resize

This is the reference picture I used. This was from Sayu’s photo book “Mille-feuille”.


I then colored the line art with my Copic markers (process will be shown a bit below). I noticed that I was much too preoccupied with the way the other artist were drawing their eyes from the references (will post them below) I was looking at so she looks a bit angry.

Sayumi Michishige anime-cartoon Colored (color corrected) cropped resize

Noticing that I used, I believe Photoshop to widen her eyes.

Sayumi Michishige anime-cartoon Colored wider eyes (color corrected) cropped resize

I widened them even more, and noticed that there is quite a bit of flexibility with this style so I really want to try out more things to see what I can come up with.

Sayumi Michishige anime-cartoon Colored wider eyes even more (color corrected) cropped resize

These were some of the references I used to try and understand the style.

Artist – Sh1tty:





And here is the process:

IMG_20180809_200352 resize

IMG_20180809_214950 resize

IMG_20180809_215428 resize

IMG_20180809_215841 resize

IMG_20180809_221207 resize

IMG_20180809_221425 resize

IMG_20180809_221654 resize

IMG_20180809_222403 resize

IMG_20180809_223011 resize

When I finished painting this piece and scanning it I had to go ahead and correct the colors that get washed out in the scanning process.

IMG_20180810_141319 resize

After that I began trying out different eye shapes.

That should be all for now.

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