80s Tirantes cute girl

I’ve been really into drawing with my g-pen but I have been trying to develop coloring styles as well. And I want to see how I can color my artwork when I use black ink. Does a detailed painting fit it, or do I have to use a simpler color scheme? This piece was drawn and painted a while ago so sorry about now uploading it sooner. Have been quite busy lately and decided to focus my time to drawing and painting.

One of the things I like about Krita is the ability to apply screentone like a paint (meaning I can paint it on with my pen). This is a great tool. So I decided to try out different shading process, without and with screentones.

Here are the different versions:

Here is the line art and inked original drawing:

Reference, after using the Google image search ability it seems the model is Mami Yamase:

This is the drawing process:

The inking and screentone process:

Here is the coloring process:

Hasta la proxima,



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